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Sinister Rotary // Phil’s Mazda RX7.

One word comes to mind when you see Phil Sohn’s 1993 Mazda RX-7. SINISTER. The flat black FD stares right into your soul with its ominous eyes and whispers, “I’ve killed before…” The ported 13B-REW screams, “…you’re next!” Okay, okay, enough of that. I don’t want our readers to have any apocalyptic Mazda nightmares.

Phil is a seasoned RX-7 owner and tuner. He has owned this FD for going on 11 years. He says that he instantly fell in love with the rotary motor, and the FD RX-7, when he first saw it in 1993. He then made a promise to himself that when he had enough money to buy it, he would. In 1999, he did exactly that, and in the last 14 years he’s owned over 10 Mazdas, to include his other current car, a 1973 RX-3. Phil’s favorite things about the RX-7 are how they drive from the factory, their timeless look, the amount aftermarket support they receive, and that they are still an extremely competitive car on the track.

Phil loves the way these cars come from the factory, but this car couldn’t be further from an OEM Touring Edition RX-7. This RX-7 has a parts list that makes War and Peace look like a short story. Phil has invested a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and ‘benjamins’ in this car over the past 11 years. Lucky for us, he is always changing things up to keep his love for these cars going. His next plans are to lighten the car, simplify, and to make this car into a full-blown track car.

The motor of this beast is an Adaptronic ECU controlled, ported, 13B-REW. It is completely overhauled with parts that include BNR Stage 3 Twin Turbos, Koyo N-Flow Radiator, Apexi GT Spec FMIC, HKS RS intake with K&N filters, and much…much more. Nearly every part in the engine bay has been replaced and professionally polished to include (now) polished Efini Y-pipe, polished upper intake manifold, polished 90mm Rotary Works throttle body, polished GReddy elbow with injector ports, and ported/polished JDM upper intake manifold. He also welded shut all of the miscellaneous vacuum ports for an overall cleaner look.

No track car is complete without proper suspension, brake, and wheel setups. Phil is running super light Rays Engineering Volk Racing TE37SLs in 18×9.5 front and 18×10.5 rear. He has wrapped them in, competition proven, Toyo R888s in 255/35 front and 295/30 rear. As far as suspension goes, Phil is running an M2 launch kit, FEED coilovers, front and rear Racing Beat sway bars, Racing Beat sway bar brace, and AutoEXE front brace to keep body roll to a minimum. He also took the time to replace every suspension bushing with new Delrin bushings. Phil also added a SakeBomb AP Racing BBK with Ferrado pads for some serious stopping power up front and Racing Brake rear brake kit with Hawk HP+ pads in the rear.

The exterior of this car is no stranger to modifications either. The car is currently Plasti-Dipped flat black and covered front to back in FEED aero. Phil is running a FEED Type 2R front bumper, FEED carbon fiber canards, FEED carbon fiber side skirts, FEED front and rear wide-body fenders, and a one-off FEED carbon fiber gas door. He is also running a RE-Amemiya Pro carbon rear diffuser and APR carbon fiber side mirrors. Those ominous eyes I previously mentioned are R-Magic HID head lights paired with HID FEED signal lights. Phil is also lucky enough to have a glass moon roof with matching interior cover.

The interior of this RX-7 is equipped with Bride Artis III Navi seats, Takata harnesses, a Personal steering wheel with a Works Bell quick-disconnect and lock, RZ floor mats, carbon fiber trim, and ProSport gauges. Phil also converted the interior to all black panels, head liner, seatbelts, and carpet. He also replaced the USDM rear seats with their JDM counterparts.

Phil would like to mention that he organizes an event called “Deals Gap Rotary Rally”. This coming year is his 10th year running it. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a great place for rotary car owners to come together, see them run, and enjoy each other’s company. He would also like to thank Stan Chen at Toyo Tires, Brad Keller at, Andy Wyatt at Adaptronic, Exedy Clutch, Rays Engineering, and Elliot White from Turblown.

This RX-7 has seen its fair share of track days in the past 11 years, and has been through numerous wheels, colors, and setups. Phil is always tweaking and adjusting his builds and building interest in the Mazda community. We at StanceNation can’t wait to see what the future holds for this RX-7 and his many others to come!


– Adaptronic ECU for FD PNP ( – Garfinkle Delrin Custom mounts – Pettit Polished AST – Koyo N-Flow Radiator – Custom Carbon Fiber Cooling panel – Fast acting AirTemp sensor – Remote Start/pager/alarm/turbo timer – BNR Stage 3 Twin Turbos – Ported 13B-REW engine – Custom Grounding kit – Polished Efini Y-pipe – Polished upper intake manifold – Polished 90mm Rotary Works Throttle body – Polished Greddy elbow w/injector ports – Apexi GT Spec FMIC – Custom polished pipings By: – Constant tension T-blot clamps for IC pipings and Intakes. – HKS seq. BOV – HKS twinpower ignition amp – RE-Amemiya SS Dual Dolphin Tip Catback – SS Pettit DP – Mazdaspeed ignition wires – FEED oil filler cap – FEED coolant filler cap – Added R1 Dual oil coolers – Braille light battery – Braille Verticle mounting kit – Unorthodox Alternator pulley (red) – Unorthodox Power steering pulley(blue) – Exedy Hyper Single Clutch Kit – Simplified seq twin set up – Polished hardline intake pipes for secondary intake. – Ported JDM Upper Intake manifold and polished by David Garfinkle. – Also all the misc. vacuum ports have been welded shut and cleaned up and polished for cleaner look. – Pettit Racing water pump pulley – 2 x 4 blade fan set up for better cooling – HKS RS intake with KN filters

– Tweakit Racing tensioner pulley kit

Mazda RX7 FD3S Stance [Add-On / Replace] 1.3 для GTA 5

Mazda RX7 FD3S Stance [Add-On / Replace] 1.3  
Mazda RX7 FD3S Stance. Модель заменяет banshee.Изменения в версии 1.3:- Полностью переработана вся модель;- Новые колеса;- Переработан интерьер;- Проработанная модель двигателя;- Реальные отражения;- Исправлена приборная панель;- Исправлено разбитие окон;- Добавлен маппинг грязи.Особенности модели:* Модель совместима с основными функциями игрового движка;* Качественная HQ модель;* Подробно проработанный салон;* Настроенный свет фар;* Функционирующие стоп-сигналы, габаритные огни, указатели поворотов;* Бьющиеся кузов, фары и стекла;* Остаются дыры от попадания пуль;* Работающие приборы;* 3D шины и диски.


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500+ HP Mazda RX7 // The Ups & Downs.

Where do you even begin when you have a car and story behind it such as this? Please allow us to introduce you to Arvin and his beautiful ’93 Mazda RX7. After purchasing a car that started out as a stripped down shell that had to be built back up from scratch, the day these photos were taken was something Arvin looked forward to very much. The car was done and after a long east coast winter it was finally ready for a proper photoshoot, but what ended up happening was something no one expected. You’ll see exactly what we’re talking about below. In the meantime why don’t we tell you a little bit about this beast of an FD that Arvin had built.

Photos By: Ronnie Corado exclusively for

As we said before, everything on this car is practically changed especially under the hood. The 13B motor was fully rebuilt with all new internals and the twin turbos were converted to a single turbo. We’ll attach a full spec list on the bottom of the feature so make sure you check it out. The car features everything from new apex seals, side seals, corner seals, oil pump to oil injectors & rotor bearings. Few other things include a complete Pineapple racing close up kit (pineapple racing large street ports, ported and polished, polished lower and upper intake manifolds, greddy custom intake, etc). The car has no AC or power steering, Arvin strictly built the car for speed.

Did you really think it stops there? Arvin is running a Garrett GT35R dual ball bearing turbo with Greddy turbo manifold, tail 44mm waste gate, Greddy front mount intercooler & aluminum 3 inch piping with tail blow off valve. You already know the drivetrain needed some refreshing so Arvin went with a completely rebuilt 13B turbo tranny which includes a Act 6 puck sprung hub clutch with heavy duty pressure plate and a 8lb act flywheel. When it came to exhaust the Apexi N1 full 3 inch exhaust from down pipe backed with 3 inch electric exhaust cut out does the job!

This daily driven beast is setup to run on E-85 fuel and runs on 14lbs od boost on daily basis. It made 505HP on 22lbs with a manaul holmes boost controller. Arvin customized a lot of things to make everything work such as the RE-Amemiya rear diffuser which had to be tweaked in order for the fuel lines to run thru it. It runs on E-85 fuel with 1600cc injectors, (secondary’s and primary’s) KG fuel rails, aeromotive high pressure regulator, -10 fuel lines with fittings welded sump on gas tank with two -10 fittings going out to two -10 lines running into 2 aeromotive fuel filters going into two Bosh 044 in line fuel pumps. Whew, why don’t we move to the exterior..

How about that stance? The car is dropped on Tein super street coilovers and is rocking an aggressive set of Rotas. They are 18×12’s with a 0 offset Rota P45R3S, only available in New Zealand apparently! Those tires are 245/40/18 Hankooks! So what else do we have on the outside? How about the Scoot carbon fiber hood and the RE-Amemiya rear diffuser that we mentioned before? How about the custom RE-Amemiya style headlights with projectors and of course that custom front lip with carbon fiber custom splitters. Let’s not forget the veilside side skirts though and that flashy Tangerine orange paint!

Interior of the car features a Sparco carbon fiber steering wheel, autometer guages on the dash with a custom switch panel for the fans, pump 1 and 2, ignition, and kill switch. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos that show the interior properly but it is one of the things that got damaged the most in what happened below during the shoot…

The car was parked away for winter (since november actually) and Arvin was finally bringing it out for the first time of the year. He dusted the car off and put his new wheels on. He also changed the plugs and oil, grabbed a full tank of E-85 and drove her for the weekend to break her back in. He then decided to do the first photo shoot of her ever for the paint/body shop he is opening soon called STK STREET KINGS, so he called up the hottest photographer he knew, Ronnie C.

Every body wanted to shoot his RX7 but he felt that Ronnie was going to do the car justice so they went to a great location for some random teaser piks before the sun went down and it was going great, i decided to up photos before the sun went down. He also wanted to do some burnout photos with full boost, waste gate screaming & the whole nine yards but things then took the wrong turn…

While the car was in the middle of doing the burnout, the harness being soo brittle from the cold weather of the winter just collapsed, heated up and melted. That obviously had the positive & negative touching and sparking a small electrical fire under his secondary fuel rails. Thankfully Arvin noticed the fire on time because the car started breaking up…

Arvin suddenly stopped the car and popped the hood open only to see fire. Before he could do anything the fire burned thru his oil metering lines which spilled oil all over the motor, which eventually ignited with the flame. It then burned thru the injector o rings which made all the pressure of the fuel rails let go and sprayed all over the flame which unfortunately made it impossible to control. That’s even with the car off and everything disconnected of course…

Arvin and his friends tried everything to stop the flames but they just couldnt stop her from burning. They ended up calling the fire department and it was history after that. The engine turbo body and engine harness brunt and it spread to the fender. It also blew the shocks and burnt the master brake and clutch cylinders. All the plug wires and motor mounts melted and it burnt off all the intercooler couplers. It was going to spread into the cabin if it wasn’t for the fire department so big ups to them for everything!

The downside to the fire department coming out and putting the fire out was that they broke his door open, tore thru his dash and literally ripped out his interior. They also broke his windshield. “It was the saddest day” Arvin tells us but he is still very thankful to the fire department…

After we heard the story the first thing we asked was if the car had insurance. Well, let’s just say that he didn’t have everything insured. He says the car will be up and running in no later than a month hopefully, he is just deciding whether to stay with a rotary, go the 2j or LS route. Ronnie (photographer) tells us that Arvin is too attached to the car to simply move on, but in the meantime he is going to be finishing up his FC project that sits in the backyard!


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Han's 1997 Mazda RX-7. Got one of these babies in my garage. Poor lady needs a bit TLC

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JDM Palace Imports RE-Amemiya '98 Mazda RX-7 FD3S

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JAPBUL - Mad Mike Whidett's quad rotor twin turbo FD RX-7

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Stance [Add-On / Replace]

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Stance для ГТА 5 - это переделанная, а если быть точнее то тюнингованая версия Mazda RX7, которая выпускалась японским автопроизводителем с 1978 по 2002 год. В игре автомобиль выглядит очень хорошо, вписывается в игровую атмосферу, не имеет багов и очень высокого качества с поддержкой тюнинга в автосалоне.Особенности:

  • Add-On / Replace
  • Своя тень
  • 3D двигатель
  • Рабочая приборка
  • Детализированный салон
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